Is there a minimum contract Length?


Cancel anytime you like. If you have paid up front for the year on our 12 months for the price of 10 deal - we will even refund you the unused/future months. For example if you have paid up front for the year in January, and you cancel at the end of June - we will refund you six months (half) of whatever you paid up front.

What if I already have a website?

If you already have a website we can add the online ordering and table booking/reservations to it.  We do all the fiddly web bits and create the online version of your menu.

Can my customers pay for their orders online?


My Eatery is integrated with Payment Express NZ. Payment Express are one of the largest online payment providers in the world.

You may already have a Payment Express account for your eft-pos. If so, it's super easy to get you set up to take online orders.

If you don't have a Payment Express account we can get you set up with them. If you are using another provider for your eft-pos and would like to switch we will be able to assist you in, and may well be able to get you a discount on their fees.

Do my customers have to pay online?


You don't have to take payment online. You can still ask your customers to pay when they come in to pick up their order or when they receive their delivery (if you deliver).

Do i need to do deliveries (as well as takeaway)?


It's up to you. If you just do takeaways it's fine by us. However you will be aware that delivering is becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand. 

is it online ordering and table booking?


Your customers can order a takeaway (or delivery if you deliver) or book a table. It's the same price to do it all.

If you don't do takeaways or deliveries - you can just have the table booking system. If you don't take table bookings - you can just have the online ordering system. 

If i already have a website do I get the App?


Even if we are just adding online ordering and table booking to your existing website you still get a free mobile app (that your customers can download from the official app stores: Apple and Android or access simply by going to your website on a mobile, i.e. nothing to download first).

How cool is that - a proper mobile app branded just for your restaurant! 

How do we make changes to the website and app?

We will make the changes for you if you like at no extra cost.

Or we can show you how to do. It's very very easy to do. For menu and price changes we provide you an easy to use spreadsheet (just like using Excel) where you can, for example, just type in changes to prices, and then upload to the website - or email it back to us and we will upload for you. Or you can just email through some changes and we will do it for you.

Do your websites work well on mobiles?

Our websites are responsively designed so that they work well on mobile devices.

It's important that your website is responsively designed - as Google favours sites in its search rankings that are designed with mobile in mind, and penalises sites that are designed without mobile in mind. If everything on your existing website looks tiny when you look at it on your mobile and you have to expand things and scroll around - then chances are it's not responsive. 

How am I notified of when an order or table booking comes through?

It's up to you.

You can have orders:

  • print out (to your network printer if you have a Windows computer), or
  • pop up as a notification on your mobile phone, or
  • come through to a laptop, tablet or any computer in the restaurant, or
  • any combination of the above

How long does it take to get up and running?

We can have your website live in approximately one week from the time you give us the go ahead to start building you a website.

All we need from you is a copy of your menu (preferably an electronic version emailed or a scan or a photo we can read from). If you have some photos of your restaurant that also helps (but not essential).

Do we get to see the website before it goes live?


We will send you through a link before the site goes live and review it to make sure you are happy with what you see. If you're real busy we can make it all happen for you without you needing to play web designer. Or we can work closely with you, fitting in when you have some time.

Do you organise getting us a web address/domain? 

Yes, we can.

We will organise finding an appropriate domain for you.

If you already have one - we can use that and transfer it onto a new website that we build.

is the cost of web hosting and the domain included in the monthly fee?

Yes, if you are getting a new website through us the web hosting cost is included. 

If you already have a website and paying for your site to be hosted - then you will continue paying these costs. But you can always switch over to one of our websites and take advantage of the free hosting. In a couple of years this saving will have covered the cost of the new website.

What's the advantage of online ordering and table bookings?

Increase profit, increase efficiency!

Your customers are increasingly expecting to be able to book a table online, just like they expect to buy anything online, book their seat at the latest movie online, book a flight online, book a hotel online.

Your customers don't want to have to use their phone to order a takeaway or have food delivered, and presumably you don't want to have to waste time answering the phone - when orders and reservations could be happily printing out in your restaurant or popping up on your mobile.

Is there any commission to pay per cover for bookings or per online order?

There is 0% commission

Sounds great - how do I get started?

Email us: