Online Ordering and Table booking system included Free with all packages

At the core of what we do is to allow your customers to order online (e.g. order a takeaway meal or get it delivered). We do this by adding our system into your existing website.

If you don't have a website we will create one for your (one off fee of $599 that includes all other set up costs).

Mobile App for your Customers

We also create a free mobile app for your customers to use to place orders and make table bookings branded just for your restaurant. Your customers can download the app from iTunes and Google Play. If they access your website from their mobile - your website will automatically convert to the app version (so they don't even need to download anything).


Take Table Bookings Online

With our Silver, Gold and Platinum packages you receive our free customer table booking / reservations system. This means your customers go onto your website or app and book a table to dine at your restaurant.


Flexible Pricing

You choose the plan that best works for you

Choose our super low annual plan that works out to be just $74 per month plus gst. With this plan there is zero commission on the value of customer orders placed, e.g. no matter how many or your customers order a takeaway, delivery etc online - it's still just $74 per month. Cancel anytime and get the unused month of your annual plan refunded.


Pay monthly and it's $89 per month. As per the annual plan there is zero commission on customer orders.


Or get started at 7.5% commission (capped at $99 per month) on the value of orders, e.g. customer Sally Smith places an order for a takeaway that works out to be $100. On that order you pay My Eatery $7.50. Once all the commission amounts on orders get up to $99 in total for the month we stop charging you.

Change between plans

Get underway with the 7.5% commission plan and see your online business build up. If you are reaching the $99 cap for a few months in row you can call us up and we will switch you over to the ($89) monthly or annual plan ($74 per month) - saving you up to $25 per month!


Table Management

The bookings system automatically allocates tables, matching with the best-sized table for the booking.

If you're full at the their preferred time the system automatically tells the customer when the next table is available

The system automatically sends confirmation emails or you can review and confirm first. You're in total control.


Notifications of Orders and Bookings

As well your customers getting a free mobile app - we give you access to your very own app that allows you to see your orders and bookings.

We give you a free printer so that the orders will print out automatically.

You can also see and manage everything on our online dashboard - that you can access from your mobile, on a tablet or laptop

We set it all up for you and put through some test orders so you can see how it all works before your customers start using.


Free marketing to your customers

With our system you will be able to see who your customers are and what their email addresses are.

You can use the online dashboard to email your customers (who have opted in) with special offers, or just tell them you are having a party! It's up to you how you use it.

Filter on customers who spend a lot; or a little; or who normally order regularly but haven't placed an order recently; or whichever type of customer you are looking for. Then you can email them to remind them about your great food!


Customer orders direct from your Facebook page

If you already have a Facebook page - we can add a button to it that will allow your customers to place takeaway and/or delivery orders directly.

Don't have a Facebook page - then we will build one for you. We'll even keep it up to date for you - if you tell us what you are up to.


Customer analytics

You get access to an online dashboard that will show you how much money you are generating from your website, who your best customers are, what is being ordered and when, orders per day of the week and so much more.


Cancel any time

We don't believe in locking people into contracts, you can cancel any time you like


Any Questions?

Email us on APPS@MYEATERY.CO.NZ to find out more